Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Why "A virtual portico for actual neighbors ...." ?

The term “portico” is a swank, perhaps pompous, expression for the common front porch. (Here I admit that I am ambivalent about using the term, because I do not care for pretension). A front porch is a boundary between the privacy of the home and the public street. The front porch or the stoop or the landing is the personal space where people gather and find a public way to express their otherwise private concerns. It’s a halfway point of mutual sharing, debate, and common vision.

Enclave is meant to be a virtual front porch for those interested in personal exchange. Comments to all posts are welcome.

However, the idea of a virtual “portico” is also broader than that of the front porch. (This is where I do not feel so ambivalent about the term). A portico is also a walkway or ramp or causeway where people can not only stop and interact, but move to important places. “Porch” and “portico” share an etymology: both come from the Latin porticus and from the Italian porta, meaning gate (Source). Gates represent access and passage.

Enclave is meant to be a passageway or an access to the everyday life, culture, and politics of north-by-northwest neighborhoods near Downtown Nashville. Comments are welcome but not necessary. All are welcome to peruse the dynamics of urban living and to consider the issues that affect urban life.

My intended audience includes neighbors in these urban enclaves, organizers, planners, or any other interested persons. Enclave is intended to be a resource for that audience.

And your resource is my outlet.

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