Friday, February 05, 2010

Brazen Bank of America about to pay out $4.4 billion in bonuses to bankers

Wouldn't you hate to see what the bonuses they lavish on bankers would be if they weren't trying to balance greed with a "general concern" for ridiculous Wall Street compensation levels? Using that claim to balance as pretense, Bling of America is set to dole out bonuses at a clip of $400,000 per person.

This is the same BofA that paid $3.6 billion in bonuses in 2008 to employees who oversaw losses of $13.8 billion in one friggin quarter in 2008. It's the same BofA that paid out preferred dividends when it should have been making cuts. That would be the same BofA that balked at paying its low level employees on Main Street what they earned one Christmas. You know: the BofA that coaches its debt collectors to deceive relatives into believing that they are obligated to pay the loans of the deceased.

Thank goodness they are doing society a favor with those bonuses. I would hate to see how they would behave if they were trying to take advantage of us.

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