Monday, February 01, 2010

If this family had been a public strategies firm they would have been untouchable

A family linked to a major U.S. university elsewhere is in hot water over anonymous internet tactics that are common practice for the guerilla-style sock puppetry of Tennessee's Cooley Public Strategies:
Norman Golb, a professor of Jewish history and civilization at Chicago, has been mostly a sideline figure since his son, Raphael, was arrested last March after allegedly creating dozens of Web aliases and using them to harass and discredit scholars who disagree with his father’s theories about the origins of the Dead Sea Scrolls. But new court documents point to evidence suggesting that Norman Golb, his wife, Ruth, and their other son, Joel, were aware of the alias-based campaign and may have assisted in carrying it out.


  1. This makes me wonder if there are laws against posing as someone else on the Internet in TN? What about laws against using someone else's copyrighted identity or business name?

  2. Hey S-Town,

    Don't you find it strange that gulch properties are selling for half off:

    Didn't some real savvy business oriented group from the Gulch support the convention boondoggle?