Friday, October 08, 2010

By the numbers

Part of the process of updating Enclave with "new" Blogger changes has labeling any of the 6,200 posts that I failed to in the past (there was a time when Blogger did not offer labels for posts). I have organized some of the more interesting, recurring labels in a "cloud" list at the bottom of the right-hand column.

A couple of things stand out to me. As of this writing, Metro Council dominates the subject matter when it comes to politics and government. The Mayor's Office (358) only gets a fraction of the attention that I have paid to Metro Council (1,015). My posts about various CMs are spread evenly across several individuals. I do not appear to be overly obsessed with any one member, although to use the word of another blogger, I am unrelenting on specific issues upon which they act or fail to act.

Here are the CMs receiving most of my attention:
  1. Eric Crafton (103)
  2. Diane Neighbors (82)
  3. Emily Evans (74)
  4. Charlie Tygard (73)
  5. Megan Barry (48)
  6. Ludye Wallace (47)
  7. Mike Jameson (45)
  8. Erica Gilmore (25)
While the length of CM tenure definitely affects these rankings, more determinative are the issues the CMs are involved with. For example, Eric Crafton received more attention than any other CM mainly because my opposition to English Only continued from the time I was among the first outspoken opponents after he introduced EO legislation in council through the failed EO referendum's aftermath.

The issues I focus on most parallel the CMs who receive my attention. Here are the local controversial issues I have blogged most:
  1. English Only (176)
  2. Bells Bend Zoning (157)
  3. New Convention Center (157)
A distant fourth place on that list are the council LED billboard proposals, facilitated by CMs Tygard and Barry.

Thanks for indulging my interest in these numbers. Hopefully adding these labels will assist Enclave readers with the subject matter.

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