Thursday, October 28, 2010

Council member files Freedom of Information request with Metro Finance for Fairgrounds income/expense report

Council Member Michael Craddock sent the letter below (click on image to enlarge) to Mayor Karl Dean's budget director noting that a recent long-term profit/loss analysis of the Fairgrounds contained no details on actual income and expenses. The public records provision that CM Craddock mentions as the warrant for his request reads:
All state county and municipal records ... shall at all times, during business hours, be open for public inspection by any citizen of Tennessee, and those in charge of such records shall not refuse such right of inspection to any citizen, unless provided by state law
While asking for accounting to the penny may be a bit over-the-top, CM Craddock's request for a full accounting is justified. I find it breathtaking that the Mayor's Office can send out reports with no real numbers, whether rounded-off or to-the-penny, attached.

UPDATE: I am told that the Mayor's Office delivered a DVD with a copy of the 12-year income and expense report to CM Craddock, still with no full accounting to the rest of the Metro Council.

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  1. The October Flea Market alone brought in $175,000.