Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Neighborhood blogger: Mayor waiting on surveys and studies before moving on Fairgrounds, limiting feasibility study to Sulphur Dell stadium

The Lincoya Hills neighborhood blogger had lunch with Mayor Dean a couple of days ago and reports on several issues, of which two stand out to me:

Mayor Dean continues to believe that the Fairgrounds is and will be in the hole financially, and that the area can be put to better use, however, he is waiting on the current surveys and feasibility studies that are being undertaken before making any further decisions.

Mayor Dean is also very much pro sports, and for a new baseball stadium. He stated that they have just recently put out a RFP (Request for Proposal) to look at the feasibility of doing a stadium at Sulphur Dell

The Mayor said last year after having his Fairgrounds redevelopment plan rebuffed that he was in a holding pattern, even as his staff continued to make "Plan B" types of moves behind the scenes, so I'm not convinced that he has not already made up his mind.

And maybe I misunderstood, but didn't news reports say that the ballpark RFP was to study the feasibility of several possible sites, not just Sulphur Dell? Has the decision on a ballpark site already been made at the top as well with the RFP as formality?


  1. I must add, about a year ago, I was having a drink with Dean's aide, Jim Hester. At that time, we spoke frequently about politics. He also didn't know I was a fairgounds fan.

    He told me, "The fairgrounds and raceway are a done deal. We're tearing it all down."

    It's obvious that Dean has the end of the fairgrounds on his agenda.

    What gets me, is that he won't even reconsider, even with the uproar people have demonstrated.

    Dean is an opportunist. Nashville is nothing but a path to gov for him.

    I regret my vote for him more than my vote for Bush, Jr.

    The man is a schmuck.

  2. Hester also told me, and laughingly, that he got Ned Horton appointed to the Fairboard.

    Why laughingly? Because Hester is an old friend of Horton. Hester was once employed by Horton. Horton lives near the fairgrounds. Horton has been involved in real estate transactions within one mile of the fairgrounds.

    Hester laughingly told me this because he felt he had pulled a good political move.

    I know Ned Horton as well. He is a smart guy. I feel Hester pulled one over on Horton.

    What disapoints me about Horton, is that he founded FM 100 as well as Nashville's best river front musical festival.

    As a member of the Fairboard, Horton should be applying expertise towards making music happen at the fairgrounds.

    He has not, and that is a shame.

    Hester made a fool of Ned Horton to meet a political end. Horton should be pissed. Hester used him.

    But whatever.

    That is also the nature of Karl Dean.

    He uses people around him. He can't make a decision on his own, hence a commission for every damn decision to be made in this city (like where to put a tornado siren, as mentioned in an above article).

    Dean is like a Falstaff hiding in a castle.

    Ned Horton, you got gypped.