Sunday, October 23, 2011

An alternative location for a ballpark near North Nashville, but not in Sulphur Dell

There hasn't been much chatter lately on the proposal for a Sulphur Dell ballpark, which makes me wonder whether the Mayor's Office is hedging on it.

There is another proposal on the table for a new ballpark close to North Nashville, in sight of the Downtown skyline, including mixed-use and a hotel, but it has not grabbed much attention. Jump to a larger image of the site plan.


  1. Of course on problem with this site is that it is on the flood plain. I've seen this area flood numerous times over my lifetime, not just in the recent "100 year" flood.

  2. Well Van I guess they would have to raise the elevation of the proposed park 3 or 4 feet.......using fill.....well duh.

    Sound Check has been located on this part of the east bank for a number of years and never had a problem until the "great flood" of 2010...a 500 year storm.

    I love this location---on Jefferson St., in east Nashville but great sightlines to downtown, close to interstate.

  3. Great site for baseball field and other "mixed" uses. Too valuable a spot on the river for industrial. All of Nashville flooded last year.

  4. I happen to think this is a terrible location. In fact, it manages to be more out of the way and inconvenient than the current Greer Stadium. There is a reason this sliver of property has always been industrial. It is completely isolated from the city by the interstate and the river. In order for any stadium to be more successful than the one we have now, it has to have some hope of attracting foot traffic, tourists and other types of "impulse buys".

    Of course, all of this presupposes you think we can actually afford to build a baseball stadium right now.

  5. Fix up the current ball park.

    The location is great. It's downtown. Parking is good. Extra parking can be at the fairgrounds with MTA running shuttles.

    The current location also has a great historical element.

    Plus, since it is relatively high as far as elevation goes, the summer fireworks can be enjoyed by many as they sit on their porches during summer evenings.

    Why do we need a brand new stadium?

    We have a 1968 Camaro, that needs a new paint job.

    It'll turn heads more than a brand new Mercedes.

  6. I also believe that, for a stadium to be more successful than the current one, it needs to be located where there are other things to do (foot traffic).

    To suggest the thermal plant as a site, you don't have to buy into "revitalization" or some notion that the ballpark is going to drive growth that will likely not materialize for 5 to 10 years, if ever.