Monday, October 17, 2011

Update: Fehr School preservation

The Salemtown Neighbors Vice President tells me that the association has raised around $670 to pay for Planning Department requirements for the rezoning process to protect the historic Fehr School building at 5th and Garfield. This is great news as CM Erica Gilmore is crafting rezoning legislation. Most of the money was raised from individual donations at SNNA's Oktoberfest booth a couple of weekends ago. But we also received a large matching donation from developer and long-time Fehr advocate Jim Creason along with a generous check from CM Emily Evans who is an enthusiastic supporter of preservation drives. I want to personally thank all who donated, because this cause has been near and dear to my heart since moving to Salemtown.

Last, but not least, SNNA has also collected over 75 signatures on its petition to save Fehr School (jump to the original). This is a large number, given the hyper-local focus and the nearly forgotten history (which we are trying to revive). It will be great to have this petition to show community support during public hearings.

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