Tuesday, November 01, 2011

They ain't got Jack

The developer who tried to push-poll North Nashville into support for May Town Center while promising us "jobs, jobs, jobs!", is on the lam from his former partners who are looking to sue him for failing to keep his promises:

Nashville investor William Kantz is trying to sue Jack May over his handling of the failed $4 billion May Town Center project — if only he can find him.

Kantz is one of four original members of the partnership that owns property in the rural Bells Bend area that is home to the proposed development ....

Kantz alleges that May, who spearheaded the controversial project, seized control of the partnership and added members in violation of a partnership agreement and failed to deliver on promises made to members ....

While May has residences overseas and has been known to be spend extended periods of time at them [a lawyer says] ... May’s present travels are suspiciously convenient.

I have to wonder how irresponsibly May Town Center would have been developed if approved and what kind of low-wage, menial jobs would have actually been provided to North Nashvillians.

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  1. Jobs are jobs. There is no need to attempt to bolster your point by attaching (what you seem to be think are) pejoritives to them.

    That said, may the thought of May Town fade into the distance.