Monday, April 16, 2012

Substituting Woodland-in-Waverly for Salemtown

A long-time Enclave reader and the facilitator of the Nashville Neighborhoods elist, Pete Horton, responds to a previous post I wrote on some undemocratic changes that the Salemtown Neighbors Neighborhood Association president tried to push through when she took office earlier this year:

Mike: This thoughtful commentary, coupled with your Jan. 31 follow-up, is priceless.

I am tempted to trade out the words Salemtown and substitute Woodland-in-Waverly (WiW) and send it out to our members. Except I am the new guy suggesting a retreat from the 10 voting meetings our bylaws require and letting the Board determine when and how many meetings members want as long as a bare bones schedule of four voting meetings and four social events are scheduled. (Those here who are interested can meet monthly with the police at Sunnyside Neighbors and/or Dist. 17 community meetings.)

We may also consider a third type of meeting: informational. No committee reports. No refreshments. No voting. Just speakers on an issue of interest to the neighborhood. For example, this could include an annual meeting with our precinct community coordinator or council member (for the convenience of those who don't go to the district-wide meetings)..

(Originally, I hoped this kind of discussion would be a feature of the Nashville Neighborhoods Newsgroup - instead we seem to be focused mostly on advocacy issues.)

If you don't mind I will share this with our neighbors via our WiW newsgroup - and hopefully save a lot of meeting time and stimulate some online discussion in between meetings.

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