Tuesday, April 17, 2012

BREAKING: Erica Gilmore announces that the Fehr School Building will receive historic designation and protection

CM Erica Gilmore just called me to say that a rezoning bill to preserve Salemtown's historic Fehr School building is now being drafted thanks to Metro Action Commission Director Cynthia Croom's change of heart on the question. The director originally opposed a historic overlay for the civil rights landmark at the corner of 5th Av N and Garfield St, which brought the overlay to a grinding halt unless MAC got an exemption from the legislation. However, according to CM Gilmore, Ms. Croom now "enthusiastically supports" the rezoning measure without exempting MAC.

Once CM Gilmore's bill is drafted she tells me she will forward a copy to me. Once I get my paws on it, I'll post it here.

Thanks to Ms. Croom. Thanks to CM Gilmore. Thanks to everyone who made this important progress happen.

Whoopee! Now let's make the most of this opportunity and lend popular support when it is introduced in council!

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