Sunday, August 25, 2013

Germantown's Swaffles sells its last waffle today

If you have been meaning to go down to 5th and Madison for chicken and waffles, you only have a few hours left. I was told by the Swaffles owner that his store was just bought out by local bakery Flour, Sugar, Eggs. According to the Flour, Sugar, Eggs website, chef and owner Gina Olds offers quiches, croissants, and scones on her menu. The folks at Swaffles told me that the bakery will keep all of the kitchen equipment, including the espresso machine, which is good news for coffee drinkers like me.

I am sad to see Swaffles leave Germantown. They knew just how this regular liked his breakfast choices. And the coffee I got there was as good as anywhere else in Nashville. Going to have to train a whole new crew now, but joking aside I do look forward to trying out the new selections at Flour, Sugar, Eggs.


  1. Did they owner of Swaffles say if they were going to relocate? I absolutely loved that place. I work on 4th Ave so I could walk there

  2. I did not get the sense that they are going to relocate. As I understand it they still own the property and they are leasing to Flour, Sugar, Eggs. The Swaffles owner is also a franchisee of a local Which Wich.