Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bet on It

If any attempt were made in Metro Council to check and regulate the unsolicited distribution of "free" Tennessean newspapers on people's lawns and public sidewalks, publishers like Ellen Leifeld and Chris Ferrell (SouthComm) with PR firm McNeely, Pigott, and Fox in tow would lobby Metro Council in the same style as the newsrack issue and spin the commercial marketing of their product into a constitutional freedom of the press issue. Book it.

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  1. Mike,

    You have a terrific blog. I have enjoyed it for years. It is a great public service.

    The Tennessean is part of a publicly traded company. It is what it is.

    Train your finely honed skills on Southcomm. Look at it this way. Two of the cities three main newspapers are now run by a failed politician (Ferrell) and owned by a middling venture capitalist (Duncan) now looking to dip into tax break money courtesy of state government largesse via with TNInvesco.

    Are these not the kind of people newspapers and media in general are/were suppose to be watching as the watch dogs? Southcomm as a company is the worst case scenario for journalism in Nashville.

    As you say, Book it.