Friday, September 25, 2009

Photos of Tennessean's "Free" Litter on My Street Alone

Below are photos I took today of copies of the "free" Wednesday edition Tennessean that is delivered everywhere regardless of whether neighbors subscribe or approve. I only walked down one block of my street taking these photos. How many more streets on other blocks look just like this? How much uninvited litter does the Tennessean drop every Wednesday in the North End? The red wrappers were the papers delivered September 23. The brown-to-black mildewed copies were delivered on Wednesdays before that.

I picked up my Tennessean litter on Wednesday and returned it to their Broadway offices. I still receive the product even though I asked the Tennessean to stop delivering it last spring. How much longer is this company going to package their product and throw it on our streets and lawns early on Wednesday mornings without our consent?


  1. We used to have someone (a carrier I think) who would dump dozens and dozens of extra Tennesseans in a woody area down the street from me. Then, invariably, they'd get run over by a lawnmower, making a huge mess.

    The Tennessean was really good about cleaning it up and stopping the problem but boy what a mess!

  2. i feel the same way about phonebooks. we must get 6 a year.. and i don't want a single one!