Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Candlelight Vigil with Gang Colors Startles Neighbors of Morgan Park

At 6:00 this evening I observed about a half-a-dozen older teens wearing bright red "Salemtown Bloods" colors hanging out in front of the Morgan Park Community Center with younger teens. Some of the older ones were driving cars. It's been a long time since I've seen that many teens in gang colors at Morgan Park. Uniformed police officers eventually showed up and the older teens almost immediately disbanded and either left in cars or looked inconspicuous.

The Salemtown Neighors e-list reported that after police left the gang-colored teens seemed to recongregate. The police came back and have been in and around for the last 2 hours. I asked one of them what was going on and he told me that teenagers were holding a candlelight vigil for teenager Demetrice Jones, who was shot by another teenager, Jacdouglas Deon Buford last Saturday night in the Osage-North Fisk Neighborhood. Police have obtained a criminal homicide warrant for Buford from the Juvenile Court.

Anyone who spots Buford (photo at right) should contact police at 862-8600. There is no known motive for the shooting, but with the amount of bright red I'm seeing young teenage males wear tonight at Morgan Park, I'm concerned that the shooting might have been gang related and we may see a cycle of gang tagging start up again in Salemtown. With respect to gang activity it's been quiet around this neighborhood for some time.

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  1. Imma tell ya this not trying to be smart or nothing but Demetrike jones is my real brother, Mother Shameka Jones. Tha neighborhood is still going to remain the same as it is now peace and quiet. Im a salem town skyline piru/blood miself. We just had the kandle light at Morgan Park because we used to live over there and he used to leave H.G. hill middle school to go play basketball at da center. we stayed at 1727 6th ave north. They jst showin mi lil bra luv which they wuz thea fa me realli. bt im finna head baCK ta detroit. so intstead of you skaring the neighborhood id rather u just switch some words around cause we not kommin back ova thea none of us bloods live ova thea n we damn show kaint afford it. Nobody gotta worry bout nothing happenin n da hood we skattered all ova nashville. Bt salemtown iz wre we startd. This aint no joke dis iz real talk dis frm da big hommie. N we kommin baCK 1 mo tyme after the funeral. Bt we kaint een have fun kuz rrrbody so skared we gone do sumthin police wnt let us have fun kuz wat we used ta do back n da day ok we older n da hood look nice rite now we gon keep it peaceful lyke it iz-------12