Monday, August 08, 2011

Maybe his manhood is a little threatened by women

For CM Buddy Baker it's a second strike in the game of gender politics. Today he was quoted in a story calling the woman running against him, Mary Carolyn Roberts, a "girl":

On Monday morning, Roberts said she would visit the Davidson County Election Commission to compare lists of those registered to vote in District 20, and those who voted in the district Thursday night ....

"This girl, I'm telling you the truth, she just cost me a bunch of money," Baker said of Roberts, referring to his decision to hire an attorney to represent his case. Baker has tapped attorney Stephen Zralek, who works at Bone McCallester Norton PLLC, to provide legal counsel.

This was not the first time someone in Baker's camp referred to Roberts as a "girl." Several days ago the president of Nashville Limousine Service, Inc. also caricatured Ms. Roberts with his own diminutives in a campaign letter sent to voters:

We don't need a Belle Meade thinking girl that has no idea of the history and thinking of this community. I urge you to vote Thursday and I ask you to vote for Buddy Baker for councilman.

I might not have as much of a problem with Baker's side calling Ms. Roberts a "girl" if, every time they did, they referred to Baker as a "councilboy." Otherwise, Ms. Roberts should be referred to as a woman. Who knows, she may end up being called "councilwoman."

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