Saturday, August 06, 2011

The most disingenuous quote from Thursday's Metro Nashville ballot

From the AP:

Colby Sledge, a member of Neighbors for Progress, a group of south Nashville residents who have complained about the noise and pollution from the racetrack, said the next steps are to get more input on what residents want at the facility and try to reach an agreement that everyone can be happy with.

"We'll try to see if we can come to a consensus that's been elusive in this whole process," Sledge said.

I've heard preservationists say on several occasions that they have extended offers to Sledge's South Nashville Action People to work on neighborhood quality of life only to have their offers ignored. In the meantime, Sledge moved on supporting the plans to move the fleamarket to Hickory Hollow, to tear down the Fairgrounds and to replace it with a private office park built by wealthy real estate interests while relying on the assistance of Democratic insiders and the money of at least one political action committee.

If anything can be described as elusive in the process it is the authenticity of the SNAP/Neighborhoods for Progress group who talk as if they want a consensus, but walk as if they can only rely on partisan power from beyond the community to get exclusively what they want.

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  1. Mike do you have a crush on Colby? Thanks for not voting for Megan Barry she really didn't need your vote after all. Also, tell your boy soon to be ex/irrelevant councilman that there want be a need for a run off between Sandra Moore and Jerry Graves because she get the sh*t out of Graves and the other two opponents.