Thursday, June 07, 2012

Maybe if they act hard enough like a new facility is a done deal, then people will just assume it is

They do not have a facility yet, the community may not support one, and there remain questions over whether Nashville even needs another one, but they held a job fair earlier today in East Nashville:

UPDATE: This does not sound good for anyone. According to Jamie Hollin:
1000 Apex St. is the former site of US Lumber and is zoned industrial. Many of you may remember the site and immediate surrounding area being under water in May 2010. The area’s detailed neighborhood design plan marked the area as proposed green space. In order to turn the site into a waste transfer station it will require the passage of a resolution by the Metro Council, then it will require the approval of the Board of Zoning Appeals for a special exception.
So, is Waste Connections setting this up to be a jobs over planning/green space issue by pushing a job fair prematurely?


  1. Those of you who were paying attention to the 43rd Avenue rezoning issue in west Nashville (The Nations), would do well to recall that once the resolution is introduced to Metro Council to create the exception for a waste transfer facility, it must be *defeated* in Council -- not withdrawn, not tabled or indefinitely postponed. If it is not defeated within 60 days, the BZA is free to move forward. I would presume, at that point, that the BZA will be sufficiently "greased" to ensure that the transfer site will become a reality.

    Good luck.

  2. Thanks for using your space to shine the light, Mike. And, also thank you Rick for reminding the community about the mechanics of the process. Indeed some of us were paying attention to the experience of others in the community. If there's one thing to be sure (other than death, taxes, banks too big to fail & corporate welfare), living in Nashville's inner core requires constant vigilance.