Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Sweet deal for a local church or necessary edition to the neighborhood?

Local government watchdog, Mike Peden, wrote me today with the following in the run-up to tonight's council meeting:
This is the cost for the new 12” water main for the Church of Christ on 40th Ave N – almost $800,000. This bill is on the Council agenda tonight.

The church is contributing $20,000.

There is nothing but that church and some duplexes between Charlotte and Catherine Johnson Pkwy. The church is currently building a huge addition.
Mike also tells me that he has emailed his council member Jason Holleman and the bill sponsors (Edith Taylor Langster, Sean McGuire, Walter Hunt) a number of times without getting any replies.


  1. Metro inflates the cost of water mains like the federal government charges $1000 for a hammer in the fine print of many budgets. One wonders what the actual cost is?

    Amazing how we can pay close to a million dollars for a church water when they pay NO property tax yet we deny city water to citizens in Hermitage and other areas of the city who have PAID YEARS of property taxes.

    What's wrong with this picture?

  2. Why in the heck or we not giving this job to local contractors instead of farming them out to a firm from Kentucky? Why are we not creating jobs for Nashvillians?

    Bet if we look close into Karl Dean's campaign contributions we might just find a connection.

    Remember the campaign slogan, "It's all connected." He was throwing that in our faces from day one. Too bad it took us so long to understand his inside joke.