Sunday, June 10, 2012

What is the impact of a sports facility on a community's sidewalks?

A Brooklyn neighborhood group facing construction of a pro basketball arena conducts its own sidewalk impact study and documents it in this video.

Sidewalks from AtlanticYardsWatch on Vimeo.

The demand on the sidewalk's "effective width" by the two groups passing each other near the end of the video takes the problem out of the conceptual range and illustrates it vividly.

If the plan for a new minor league ballpark ever starts to fly in Nashville, leaders in the affected neighborhoods should not assume that the impact studies conducted by developers are going to be offered in the community's best interest. We should always be prepared to do our own analysis, since no one knows our neighborhoods better than we do. Learn the regulations on sidewalks and be prepared to conduct your own tests for safety and quality of life.

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