Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mayor Dean appears to be against state intrusion whenever it is convenient

City Paper Metro beat reporter Joey Garrison via Twitter this morning on inconsistencies of Karl Dean's political agenda and state government intrusion:

Joey GarrisonOn state's overturning of Metro's CANDO bill, Mayor Dean last spring said, "Now is not the time to abandon our belief in local government."
But in urging the state board of education to authorize Great Hearts, Dean is asking the state to overturn a local, Metro decision.

Such intrepidity on the part of the City Paper reporter is not going to earn him the Mayor's most favorite journo status like the Tennessean's compliant stable seems to enjoy.

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  1. This is why Karl Dean will have no sucess trying to further his political career. He is a flip-flopper. He is a Republican in Democrat clothing. Let's face it, if his wife and the family business tell Karl what to do, he does it.

    Once you take public schools apart and then charter schools fail, then what are our children going to do? It's all about money. They could care less about kids and their future. If you cannot afford private school, I guess you are not worthy of an education period.