Friday, June 13, 2014

Another tear-down builder rumbles in 12 South

Before [via Google Maps]


A dispatch I received from the 12South neighborhood:

an enormous orange excavator drove (scraped/slid/whatever) up our street, marring up the pavement with the huge metal treads as it turned and moved to squeeze between our cars. Aside from not being street legal, this thing was huge and loud - if a kid ran out in front of this, I doubt very seriously they would see it before something bad happened. Why these things are driving around the streets, I have no idea. It really bothers me that the developers have such little regard for the neighborhood. That excavator is now demolishing a historic home on 10th ave. They're tearing it down from the back, my guess is to keep a low profile.

They do it because they can. As many times as I have talked to builders over the years, I don't recall a single one asking about the welfare of my kids or inviting an open discussion about the impact of their developments on children in the neighborhood.

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