Thursday, June 19, 2014

"Sulphur Dell" relegated to the bleacher section of "First Tennessee Park"

According to the Nashville Business Journal:

When asked about what role Sulphur Dell will play in the new park, now that it’s been named, [the ballpark project's general manager] said a design element is being considered near the batter’s eye (the dark green rectangle space behind the center field wall) that would feature the Sulphur Dell name prominently. He also said the greenway, which runs just outside the stadium, will feature Sulphur Dell history, from its Native American roots through its more modern baseball ties.

History will occupy the cheap seats of the new Nashville Sounds ballpark.


  1. Nevermind that a new ballpark is being built near the site of the previous ballpark, to state the obvious. What better tribute is there to history?

  2. To state the obvious: if the name "Sulphur Dell" is not in the ballpark's name the question, "What is it and why does it matter?" won't occur to the casual observer. To believe that anything built near something else long gone is a perceivable tribute is just silly.