Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Latest Volley in the War of the Yellow Ribbons Fired Tonight

Tonight Jim Gotto continued the battle of empty gestures by re-shepherding a memorializing resolution at council meeting to tie yellow ribbons around the old lamp posts on the Courthouse public square to call attention to troops at home and abroad. The Council passed the same resolution in April 2007. I pointed out at the time that actual yellow ribbons are about as significant as those ubiquitous "remember our troops" ribbon magnets on cars.

Rather than asking that troops be deployed more effectively to fight the war on terror or that earmarks be made for medical treatment of veterans, the Council is exercising a cheap, cosmetic form of patriotism in asking Metro Parks to put ribbons up. When Parks did not comply last year, Council conservatives used dyed pieces of fabric to impugn the patriotism of Parks Board Members.

This time around it looks like this Mayor is more willing than the last Mayor to participate in the superficiality of chintzy cloth, substitutionary atonement for actual wartime sacrifice. Jim Gotto told the Council tonight that "the administration" and Parks officials have told him that the ribbons would be hung this time if Council approved. But the memorializing resolution already passed last year, so why does Mayor Dean need another request to exercise the empty symbolism of posturing politicians?

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