Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shaking Off the Leeches: Banker Has No Intention of Using Federal Bail-Out Handout to Save American Economy

We can see now that the banks have no intention of passing along the early Christmas gift of billions in bail out capital given by the federal government.

An executive with JP Morgan, one of the select banks receiving federal bail out subidies, gets authentic not knowing that a reporter would be listening to an employee conference call as he confesses his corporation's true bail out intentions:
In point of fact, the dirty little secret of the banking industry is that it has no intention of using the money to make new loans. But this executive was the first insider who’s been indiscreet enough to say it within earshot of a journalist.

(He didn’t mean to, of course, but I obtained the call-in number and listened to a recording.)

“Twenty-five billion dollars is obviously going to help the folks who are struggling more than Chase,” he began. “What we do think it will help us do is perhaps be a little bit more active on the acquisition side or opportunistic side for some banks who are still struggling. And I would not assume that we are done on the acquisition side just because of the Washington Mutual and Bear Stearns mergers. I think there are going to be some great opportunities for us to grow in this environment, and I think we have an opportunity to use that $25 billion in that way and obviously depending on whether recession turns into depression or what happens in the future, you know, we have that as a backstop.”

Read that answer as many times as you want — you are not going to find a single word in there about making loans to help the American economy. On the contrary: at another point in the conference call, the same executive (who I’m not naming because he didn’t know I would be listening in) explained that “loan dollars are down significantly.” He added, “We would think that loan volume will continue to go down as we continue to tighten credit to fully reflect the high cost of pricing on the loan side.” In other words JPMorgan has no intention of turning on the lending spigot.
That's right, sports fans. The purpose of the Treasury's bail out scheme is not to save the economy or to release capital back into the lending market, but to promote mergers in order to reshape the banking industry. It serves banks, the federal government, and no one else.

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