Friday, October 24, 2008

Go Ahead and Trash Obama for Visiting His Sick Grandmother, Republicans. It Only Hurts Your Chances.

The left consistently gets counseled against or taunted about criticizing Republicans on issues that hit close to home, especially those issues that involve "family values" (a term that looks like it applies only loosely to their own families).

However, it was inevitable now that Barack Obama has taken a couple of days off to be with his ill grandmother that Republicans would attribute cynical purposes to his absence. What higher commitment to family values can Obama show but in his commitment to leave his bid for the White House and to support a 85-year-old woman--who served as a maternal figure for him in his mother's absence--through her illness and a broken hip?

So, go ahead and question Barack Obama's "real" motives in taking time to be with family members in times of duress, Republicans. In doing so you will also slough off the votes of average citizens who are devoted to their families and who understand the need to be present when one of their own is suffering. You want to be seen as anti-family values? Just keep on attacking Obama on this issue. It's a sure bet that you will lose that battle and perhaps the election.

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