Monday, October 13, 2008

The Lipstick Ain’t Working Anymore

Republican VP nominee and self-dubbed “hockey mom,” Sarah Palin, was booed heartily by hockey fans when she and Piper and Willow showed up for the puck drop at a Flyers/Rangers match. Reportedly the jeers were so obvious that background music had to be turned up to “deafening” levels:
Most of the building, however, didn't exactly wave back. Although there were a number of fans that stood and cheered the Alaska governor and self-proclaimed hockey mom, invited as part of the Flyers' marketing campaign to find the region's Ultimate Hockey Mom, there were also signs that her presence was not welcome -- one read: I can see Russia from this seat ....

Shortly after it was announced that Palin would drop the puck in the season opener, the move became widely criticized as a political ploy. Flyers owner Ed Snider is a well-known conservative who has contributed thousands of dollars to the Republican Party and theJohn McCain-Sarah Palin ticket, and some believe the invitation was politically motivated.

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