Monday, May 19, 2008

Clinton Blew a Huge Opportunity When Bush Attacked Obama

When George Bush went to Israel last week to label Barack Obama as a disloyal appeaser, Hillary Clinton should have suspended her campaign and asked her supporters to unite around Senator Obama for president as a show of solidarity and common cause against Republican demagoguery of those who dare to defy them.

It seems to me that, by doing so, she would have would have accomplished two things: she would have jumped Obama's claim to be the party uniter and she would have endeared herself to voters for a 2012 run by choosing the nobler course. The media would have been flabbergasted and they would have talked about it for weeks. It also would have broken the conventional wisdom that Dems don't value loyalty.

It would have been the perfect climax to the campaign season. I don't think she can come out any better by continuing her campaign. She blew her golden opportunity.

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