Thursday, July 08, 2010

Police work with Hope Gardens on serving nuisance document on residence that was site of drive-by shooting

Jason Powell to the Hope Gardens neighborhood social media website:
There was a drive by shooting again late Tuesday night on 11th Avenue North. The shooting was related to the ongoing problems at 1010 11th Avenue North. Commander Huggins has asked us to have a petition signed ASAP in order to move forward on ending this nuisance. This is the next step as a follow-up to the letters everyone signed earlier in the year.

Below is a police description and some correspondence from Commander Huggins:

Shooting, 1010 11th Ave North (10-577710), this is a reoccurring 10-78 location. A small gold/gray vehicle drove by the location and fired multiple shots at the residence. A female victim was on the porch and was grazed on her lower leg by one of the rounds. A neighbor approached officers and gave a partial tag of a similar vehicle that sped off from the area running a red light. ID was called to recover shell casings and some possible rounds in the residence, Precinct detectives were notified. The victim was treated at the scene by MNFD.

Here is Commander Huggins latest messages about the nuisance ordinance:

"Please gather the signature documents from community members. I would like to get what you have. This latest incident may be critical in the application of the nuisance document that we are wanting to attempt on this residence.

Please remind everyone that this is very rarely used and not tested in all aspects and will be a first in many regards to its application. It will may take some time to get everything into place; if it can be applied here.

There has been some recent legislation on civil actions by governments to restrict certain activities in certain areas that may support this now as well.

We will be working on it.

* (Council lady Gilmore has also signed and sent to me a waiver supporting any civil nuisance action we take at this location as well.)"

Then this message:

"I do not want to be too optimistic, but I think we may have everything lined up right on this to make it happen.

You should also see an increase in our police activity as we want to avoid or try to prevent any retaliatory actions. Please have everyone be on the lookout for any suspicious activity and report to us at 862-8600 or 911 as needed."

Thank you for your assistance. The bottom line is that our neighborhood association will stop at nothing to remove this problem as quickly as possible.

Please, please do attend tonight, this is critical! If you can't make it then email me at and I will email you the document to print and sign and make arrangements to pick it up from you.

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