Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Same players who tried to force English Only on Nashville try to flip residential neighborhood industrial

After CM Buddy Baker refused to hold any community meetings on his sponsorship of a controversial plan to close an alley and a road and convert residential zoning to industrial for a campaign contributor and developer, Rick Bradley stepped in and held a meeting on July 1. Bradley has been leading the fight against industrialization, including maintaining a website.

Bradley also presented the case against Baker's proposal at the community meeting, and he has now placed that presentation on line. The part of the presentation that leaped out at me was the section where Bradley connects the dots between 43rd Avenue rezoning, the developers, and Eric Crafton's English First. Remarkably, one of the development companies was incorporated at the listed address of English First.

CM Baker supported English First with votes. CM Eric Crafton not only supports industrializing 43rd Avenue, but ran down neighborhood opponents, saying that they do not understand "simple road abandonment." Developers have both in their back pockets. Abandonment opponents face a tough challenge, but they have the West Nashville plan and popular sentiment on their side. If you would like to add your support to their cause, you can sign their petition here.

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    Hunter's attorney - David Ewing, Board of Zoning Appeals