Thursday, July 22, 2010

Terminal pain: CM Erica Gilmore still catching heat for her handling of community concerns about Greyhound

Downtown CM Erica Gilmore is still facing tough times with constituents over the Greyhound terminal relocation due to Music City Center construction. Local response to a recent Tennessean interview on the relocation to 11th and Charlotte generated more expression of frustration from nearby Hope Gardens.

Here is an interview excerpt:
Councilwoman Erica Gilmore said it was her understanding that Greyound [sic] would not move to its temporary location at 11th and Charlotte until a future permanent site was selected ...

“I heard they were moving into a temporary station soon, which I guess would mean they found a permanent location,” Gilmore said. “I think they did a good job of keeping their word. It’s a relief.”
A Hope Gardens leader who was involved in organizing the original community meeting with Greyhound and the Convention Center Authority, which was not organized or attended by CM Gilmore, copied me on a response that he had to her interview:
How can you simply assume, or in your words “guess” that Greyhound has secured a permanent location? Have you called Greyhound, MDHA, the Mayor’s Office, or the MCC to ensure that they have kept their assurances to our communities? Quite, in fact, Greyhound told us that there would be a public announcement of their permanent location before they moved to the temporary one. NO PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT WAS MADE!

Once again, I think the future of our neighborhood is too important to leave up to your “guesswork”. You may be “relieved”, but I assure you that many of your constituents are still deeply concerned. Any first hand information that you might be able to share with us in the coming days would be greatly appreciated.
Likewise, when CM Gilmore replied via e-mail to the neighborhood leader, I was CC'ed again:
Always feel free to discus [sic] any of the issues or concerns you have anytime. As it relates to Greyhound, I will forward on the information so that they can provide you with the information as it relates to the announcement.
CM Gilmore's hands-off approach to zoning issues and Metro power moves does not seem to be working with those leading constituents most affected.

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