Thursday, July 29, 2010

Senator Henry has paid campaign "volunteers"?

I noticed Douglas Henry campaign supporters distracting traffic at Hillsboro Village this morning. A few minutes ago Mike Peden e-mailed me a dispatch from further south on a similar group and some troubling background:
Senator Henry has had people at the intersection of Thompson Lane and Nolensville Rd all week, wearing blue t-shirts and waving at people with signs.

I stopped and spoke with one of them this morning. They are working through a temp service and being paid by the hour. The man I spoke with didn’t know who Mr. Henry is or what he is running for.

It seems pretty pathetic to have to pay pretend supporters ....

In these times of high unemployment, I would not begrudge people for getting paid where they can, but Senator Henry passing off relatively low-paid employees (who probably don't get benefits) as enthusiastic campaign volunteers does seem pathetic.


  1. I suspected as much looking at the folks at the corner of West End/Murphy Road

  2. Paying folks to wave...gawd! Awful

  3. I also wondered if the people holding Henry signs at the intersection of 70S and OHB in Bellevue just a few days ago were truly volunteers. Makes me ill...

  4. How could this man not know what Henry is running for? All of Henry's signs say, "Henry - State Senate" LOL