Saturday, April 30, 2011

Country Music Marathon 2011 photos: leaders through the North End (mile 12 & mile 15)

David Kellum (7) leads near Salemtown and held on to win the men's marathon

Edwin Romero--in 2nd place through the North End--would finish 3rd

Giovanny Amador finished 4th

Tennessean Scott Wietecha would finish 2nd

Men's marathon winner David Kellum leads at the 15 mi mark on Rosa Parks

Laura Portis, who led the women through the North Nashville legs, finished 2nd

Women's marathon winner, Ruby Milena Riativa, was in 2nd place at 12 mi

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  1. Nice pics. I've already seen a Facebook report that said, "Quarter til eleven and everybody is already drunk!'

    Nashville is certainly a partying town.