Monday, April 11, 2011

You can observe the Nashville flood anniversary by celebrating a re-election campaign

The Dean for Mayor re-election campaign refuses to let any solemn observance of a 1,000-year flood event distract from its mission to put its candidate back in the Courthouse for a second term. Today the Dean for Mayor shop sent an email blast from the Mayor's Office announcing the May flood observance with a campaign flair. The Dean team has been confounding campaign and Mayor's Office as highlighted below for a long time:

Click on image to enlarge

Tennessean reporter Michael Cass contacted the Mayor's Office, which as usual minimized the dilemmas caused by their behavior, and they even tried to credit the campaign as a service to save taxpayer money with the email blast.  Cass also noted that Karl Dean's original campaign kicked off at the very Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge where the campaign continues on May 2, 2011.

I might be overreacting to a coincidence of the flood being linked to re-election aspirations, unless I'm not.


  1. Rumor has it, Dean is gonna show up with a flotilla of bass boats courtesy of Bass Pro Shop. He'll arrive at The Shelby Street Bridge about 20 minutes after making his annoucement at The Opryland Hotel that the hotel will soon have a new neighbor -- The Nashville Flea Market. He'll also be sportin' his Gerst Beer lederhosen (apparently Land'sEnd didn't carry his size, so he missed out on wearing them at his Gerst Haus photo op. Fortunately, while he was in Japan, he made a stop at the Austrian embassy where an "economic envoy" ordered him a special pair).


    Zebco declined all out-reach from Dean to supply him with a free rod and reel. Therefore, Dean will be forced to go noodling for his catfish photo op. However, this should play well with southern border states that may prove instrumental when he runs for POTUS.

    This information was just texted to me via a secret contact at McNeely, Piggott & Fox.