Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dean's confederate Kerr to critics: STFU!

In today's edition of the local daily, columnist Gail Kerr--who once received PR coaching to support the Mayor's Office at a $2,500 cost to Metro taxpayers--is back, and her unexamined, mercenary shilling for Karl Dean is the same as it ever was.

I'm a fool to do your dirty work, oh yeah. But she seems to like doing it.

Kerr's formula is consistent with an earlier column where there were "5 or 6" Dean critics mentioned, but at least she's not suggesting this time that without this Mayor Nashville would be facing a horrible catastrophe, and at least she avoided unwarranted, apoplectic attacks on individual Dean critics by name.

At this rate, the Tennessean may award Karl Dean their Tennessean of the Year Award for the second year running. Everything Gail Kerr does to help that cause has to be appreciated at the Courthouse.


  1. On the radio, You have the Mayor telling citizens their opinion is wrong and talking down to those who dare disagree.
    In the paper, you have Metro employee Gail Kerr telling us to shut up.
    Enough is enough. Time for these people to go.
    The common man can and will make a difference August 4th.
    Dean is out of touch and out of time.
    Michael Craddock for Mayor.

  2. If Gail didn't have Dean and The Tennessean to employ her, she'd probably be an intern for Highlights magazine sorting mail in the basement.

  3. I'm guessing Drive thru at a local BK.

  4. Another jewel from Greg Hinote to Clint Brewer to Gail Kerr. Too bad most readers don't know Kerr is neither a reporter or journalist. She is simply a columnist. In this instance just spewing another piece as handed down to her from the throne of government.