Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Enclave was first to break this news in February confirmed today: Dean hires another Bredesenista while pressing for department budget cuts

Press release from the Mayor's Office confirms news I broke February 7:

Former Bredesen Staff Member Appointed Chief Administrative Officer
in the Mayor’s Office

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Mayor Karl Dean announced today that Janie Conyers, who worked for former Governor Phil Bredesen since 1992, has been named Chief Administrative Officer for the Mayor’s Office.

Conyers most recently served in the same position in the Governor’s Office, starting when Bredesen was inaugurated as Tennessee’s 48th Governor in January 2003. Before then, Conyers served as Executive Assistant to Bredesen during his two terms as Mayor of Nashville from 1992 to 1999.

“Having served in similar roles for Metro Nashville and the State of Tennessee, Janie brings a wealth of knowledge to our office as Chief Administrative Officer,” Dean said. “She has developed key ties with community leaders and has a proven track record of results in office leadership, coordination and communication. She will work directly with Deputy Mayor Greg Hinote to achieve these same goals in our office. We are honored to have her join our staff.”

Conyers’ role as Chief Administrative Officer for the State included administering the day-to-day business of the Governor’s staff, budget and schedule. She has also served as Bredesen’s personal assistant for 20 years

Between working in the two public offices, Conyers started an education software company with Bredesen called Bredex and worked to build the company from the ground up to include 10 to 12 employees. During Bredesen’s campaign for governor, Conyers ran the Bredex office as well as assisted the campaign with scheduling. Conyers helped oversee the successful Bredex Corporation acquisition by McGraw-Hill before moving to her post in the Capitol.

UPDATE: I made an inquiry of Tennessean reporter Michael Cass about Janie Conyers' eligibility for a Metro pension. He confirmed that Ms. Conyers currently does not have enough years logged from a previous stint in Metro government to earn a pension, but that she would qualify for a pension by the end of a 2nd Karl Dean term.

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  1. Here's my anaolgy with regard to Dean.

    It's typical politics, but the fact it's happening in Nashville, makes it particularly interesting, or mundane.

    Music Row, historically, has been known to operate on the "Machine System." Basically, it's like makng sausage. You take some raw meat, bring together your various cooks and shove it throught the grinder.

    Nashville's machine has made stars out of mediocre meat. It has also left great talent behind. (A lot of us get to see great talent every weekend that never made it big).

    Dean is like the first guy to get cut from American Idol. Basically, he has no talent.

    So, bring on the "Machine." Turn bad meat into a "tasty" sausage.

    Dean is a nothing.

    So, he must rely on the machine to get him a record deal, some radio play and three months opening for an up and coming band who would even take Tiny Tim on the road.

    Dean has such little talent, he can't do it on his own. So he gathers up people from an act that has long since retired to help him.

    Such folk are basically without a paycheck, so of course they'll high five and say, "You were great tonite!"

    Dean has no game. He is a karoke singer at best.

    The bad thing: He is using Nashville as his rehearsal room.

    When you have true talent, people will come out of the woodwork to help you.

    Dean has to DIG through the wood pile, and pay them TAX PAYER money to get them to go "on tour" with him.

    Sad thing is Dean's pride won't let him be happy just singing at Lonnie's Karoke on Printer's Alley.

    He will continue to use Nashville as his rehearsal room.

    Folks are starting to realize this. Though Dean packed the Fair Board, the board's decision to allow racing demonstates that people are growing wary.

    Maybe some inherently bright, but misguided folks like council-at-large person, Megan Barry, will realize that Karl Dean ain't no Jonny Cash.

    At best, Dean is a Lief Garrett. Or maybe Charlie Sheen.

    Folks, Dean has NO business being in big city politics. He is all public relations.

    He can't sing a note.