Friday, January 13, 2012

Democrat Jim Cooper celebrates conservatives supporting President Obama on charter schools

Congressman Jim Cooper has been making the interview rounds. Yesterday he met with the press and characterized the feather in Obama's domestic cap as charter schools:

In domestic policy, it's amazing what you find here. If you talk to folks in Nashville, some of the most conservative folks in Nashville who are, for example, charter school advocates, real education reform advocates, are thrilled with Obama. Thrilled. And [Education Secretary] Arne Duncan has done a great job, and this isn't just Race To The Top money, but it's an amazing change in policy at the federal level with very little fanfare, that Congress didn't have anything to do with, really.

Those of us who are not "real education reform advocates", that is those of us who question the warping influence of venture philanthropy wealth in public education, are not quite as thrilled as the conservatives and Rep. Cooper are with President Obama move to the right. (Photo credit: The Entrepreneur Center).


  1. Race to the Top is a recipe for (pick one):



    3.Abuse and fraud:


    5.The next financial bubble:

    6.All of the above

  2. One more thing about charter schools.

    There's another constituency who endorses charter schools
    "Segregated Charter Schools Evoke Separate but Equal Era in U.S."

    Do you think Jim Cooper or Jimmy Haslam want a picture with members of "The Knights Party?"