Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Progress in the last Salemtown association meeting

That association meeting I attended last week went better that I thought it would beforehand. The officer seeking to rewrite sections of the by-laws dramatically only brought up one of her proposals for discussion, but the group seemed to lean strongly against it.

The proposal mentioned was to cut the number of membership business meetings from one per month to one per quarter, based on weak attendance in some 2011 meetings. 5 people present spoke against cutting meeting frequency, 4 were members and 1 was a police officer, who made the same argument I have before about regular meetings: they build strong ties between neighborhood watch and community policing. The point that cutting our membership meetings could weaken the association was particularly persuasive from MNPD officers who work constantly with associations across the city.

No one except the president spoke in favor of cutting the frequency of meetings.

I came away feeling positive about these events. While the discussion confirmed my belief that that monthly meetings are more productive than quarterly ones, it also reinforced to me that group process is more important than top-down fiat. I genuinely hope that people continue to come to association meetings each month and chart the course of Salemtown Neighbors as a diverse group.


  1. I would come to the meetings, but I have no idea when they are. I have paid my dues, but my wife and I have never been added to the mailing list. Chris Allen

  2. Chris: I was able to confirm that you had paid dues but were not added to website access (which will allow you to sign up for either or both of the 2 mailing lists). Email me you and your wife's email addresses (there is a "contact me" button in the right-hand column of this blog), and I'll send you an invitation. I don't know how y'all fell through the cracks last year, but if SNNA failed you please accept our apologies.