Friday, January 13, 2012

Do Realtors want government subsidies without government regulation?

Realtors need to be careful what they ask for. It is inconsistent to demand at once that government regulators need to drop oversight of their marketplace and that the government continue to pour in public money to secure the mortgages that supply Realtors more income. If you push hard enough to elect conservatives to help you release you to do what you want free of obligation to oversight, then there is no guarantee that those conservatives will not just keep going and take the government out of your business in the ways it benefits you too.

GOP Senator Bob Corker is a case in point:

Realtors in Nashville cheered when Senator Bob Corker told them the best thing government can do is “stay the heck out” of the housing market. But the applause stopped Tuesday as Corker outlined his plan to get the government out of the mortgage market.

It seems to me Realtors need to be more real about public accountability. They can't have something for nothing. If they want subsidies to prop up their industry by increasing mortgages, then they better accept regulations that protect consumers and elect the consumer-protecting progressives.


  1. Realtors are one step above lawyers.

  2. Mike,

    Comments on your blog have been lacking for a few months. Let me tell you why.

    Two reasons:

    You don't cover Nashville. You tend to cover your little neighborhood, both geographically and intellectually.

    The fairgrounds issue was big for your blog. That issue was big. And what newspapers covered in the good old days. You need to stay on big issues. That is ur ticket. And also cover the little issues, but you are getting off track. Be a leader. Raise he'll on big issues. Otherwise, you will continue to fade. I used to read ur site every day. Not any more. Raise some he'll.