Sunday, October 05, 2008

Nashville Metro Transit Refuses to Help Metro Police

Police tell the Salemtown neighborhood association that they have been working on trying to cut down on teenage burglaries in the North End by enforcing truancy codes.  However, it sounds liek they are not getting help from Nashville MTA. Currently, many students get bus passes that do not restrict them to the specific route between home and school at specific times. Reportedly, truant students tend to report to school in time to be counted as present in the morning, but then they immediately leave school and use their bus passes to go anywhere else they want. When police asked MTA to consider issuing more restrictive bus passes to students, the transit authority refused. Thanks for enabling juvenile delinquency, Nashville MTA.


  1. Nashville MTA is a public transportation system that receives federal funding. They cannot limit anyone who pays their fare to ride unless they disrupt the service.

    You might want to fault the school system that banishes disruptive students from regular schools and send them away to alternative schools. As they shove them out the door they give them a free bus pass to get to their new school assignment.

    Thanks for having all the facts!

  2. Wow. So, MTA cannot limit the ridership of minors even if refusing to limit would violate the law? If federal transportation mandates supersede local truancy laws would they also supersede youth curfew laws?

    Disrupting service is the only exception to limiting ridership? Otherwise riders can violate any municipal code they want while riding MTA?