Thursday, October 09, 2008

They'll Always Have Nashville

While the Tennessean continues to ingratiate itself to the ruling class and other people who really matter in its front page homage to the Belmont debate this morning, they also speak of a possible reunion of the order of the happy little tire swing:

They might knock the town hall itself as dull, stilted and singularly uninformative, but nobody was bashing the location, or the local hospitality.

John McCain's top advisers and a sizable chunk of his traveling press corps capped off debate night with a marathon karaoke session at Lonnie's West End that ended somewhere around 3 a.m.
Is the McCain campaign ending its ugly break-up with the mainstream media? Would it change Sarah Palin's media-hating stump tone? Or is the Tennessean just trying too hard to reassure itself and to coax and massage post-debate reactions back up to hyped pre-debate levels (i.e., "yeah, it was crappy, but Nashville kept the crap on the outside of its rhinestone-lined boots")? I mean, couldn't people find all-night karaoke in any other town where a debate might be held? And were Nashville's mayor and Belmont's president going to declare anything but victory?

The bigger story is that McCain and media may be making up to the strains of "Sweet Caroline" and "Sometimes When We Touch." And can't make-up sex be the best kind?

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