Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Historic Germantown, Inc. Officer Calls Salemtowners "Morons"

Here we are on the eve of separate, but equal neighborhood celebrations ("Germantown Street Festival" and "Oktoberfest"), which were once under one wildly popular banner, "Germantown Oktoberfest," and G-town association officers seem to have lost their composure over a blog post I wrote last week criticizing the planning of a race to include the streets of Salemtown without much more than an inconsiderate, last minute "head's up." Trouble is, they did not direct their rage directly at me but at two innocent bystanders, one of whom is SNNA President and generally irreproachable Freddie O'Connell.

In an e-mail sent to Freddie and published to the Salemtown e-mail list, the HGI Vice President writes:
Please let Enclave Mike know that the Germantown Street Festival, nor does the Breast Cancer Awareness Run or the Music City Marathon need anyone's consent to use the streets of this great city to raise awareness & funds. They only need to petition the local government & secure the proper permits. The last I heard Mike wasn't elected Mayor of Salemtown or anything. He's just a little man with a lot of criticism & NO ideas. Another blogger, just what the world needs less of. Don't bother replying, I have no interest in anything you or Mike have to say.
Bob Williams
I'm still combing Enclave trying to find where I criticized planning of the Breast Cancer Awareness Run or the Music City Marathon. To the contrary, I have promoted the marathon nicely the past couple of years, just like I did Germantown's Oktoberfest before this year. In fact, when HGI approached me in the past with requests to post their Oktoberfest banner ads (like this one), I embedded them without charge as a public service in support of a sister neighborhood.

I cannot exactly act all wounded and exclaim, "This is the thanks I get!" because I didn't directly get the brunt of the bitching about my 5K criticisms. Nor have I been subject to the even more shameful fallout. You see, when the targeted S-towners replied with rational appeals against misdirected anger, Bob Williams wrote back with all of his Germantown Street Festiveness, "You're both fucking morons!" I guess rational deeds don't get by HGI unpunished.

Happy Germantown Street Festival, everybody!


  1. This entire mess makes me ashamed to live in Germantown. As if this entire neighborhood vs churches fiasco wasn't shameful enough...

  2. Let's have a "Festivus for the rest-of-us"!! I'll go get the pole and meet you on 5th.

  3. This is one of the better posts. Glad you resurrected it. Bob Williams seems like a charmer.