Monday, October 13, 2008

Variation on the Old Feminist Light Bulb Joke

How many Palindrones does it take to screw in a light bulb?

That's not funny.

We were fortunate enough to have front and center floor seats for last night's Robin Williams' show at the Opry House. My first ever live stand up show had to be great, and it lived up to expectations. Williams is one of my favorite funny men. And there is just something special about being able to make eye contact with a pro joker on top of his game. It was magical.

I have to admit though, the Sarah Palin bits did not have the edge that I thought he would give them. They were good, but not better than what I've seen from other comedians. And that caused me to wonder if Williams might have soft-pedaled the Palin jokes, given that he was in one of the reddest, most rabidly conservative states in the Union. I wondered if he might have given a harder hitting Palin routine in Chicago or Vegas. If not, then perhaps he had not vetted much more than the standard, moose-hunting "hockey mom" material.

While most in the audience seemed to be laughing, I did spot a handful of obvious Palin supporters whose expressions seemed to go ice-cold stern when Williams started in on the pitbull with lipstick. They were just not as amused by it as I was by everything, including the Clinton and Obama bits. And it was obvious that no Palin joke was politically with that tiny, but tough crowd. It was a collective corn cob.

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