Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Tennessee Discovers Trash

Well, the litter around the state employee parking lots on 5th Ave., North has finally been picked up. I drove by the lots on my way home today and I searched in vain for the six-month-old garbage that I documented in previous photos.

It looks as if the Governor’s no doubt steadfast quest to keep public lands clean has finally come into its own. I guess we can anticipate the next litter pick-up as early as next fall; that is, if he follows the same leisurely schedule as 2004 for sprucing up public grounds around Bicentennial Mall.

Since I have been critical of the state’s seeming unwillingness to clean up rubbish for half a year, I felt led to give it credit now that it seems willing. I just wish it would strive for extra credit in the future.

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