Thursday, March 17, 2005

Major Graffiti Gone

Before. Posted by Hello

After. Photographs by S-townMike. Posted by Hello
Regular readers of Enclave will remember that I posted a picture of this house nearly a month ago among a montage of graffiti-painted buildings in my neighborhood. It's located on the 1700 block of 6th Ave., North in the heart of Salemtown. I considered it the "granddaddy of all our graffiti jobs."

Last week it was one of several that I reported to Metro Codes at their website. Whether the graffiti was removed because Codes acts quickly on these reports or because the owner had already planned to remove it this week is no matter to me.

I'm just pleased and thankful to the owner and perhaps Codes that the graffiti is gone and that resistance to vandalism continues. Let's hope we're picking up a head of steam as we clean up our neighborhood.

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