Friday, April 08, 2005

Back From Vacation

We just got back yesterday from a week-long vacation in Florida. More specifically, we stayed in Orlando at a Disney-affiliated resort, a.k.a., "the happiest place on earth." I had the privilege of taking my youngest for her first trip to the beach and of watching her make her first attempt at assisted dog paddling through the water.

I only went on-line a couple of times during vacation just to check my e-mail, so I have not published to Enclave in some time. Sorry to those who came by to visit and found nothing but items they've already read. Whenever I visit other blogs, I am less likely to return regularly if the author does not regularly post. So, I am sensitive to losing my audience by failing to post each day. However, when I checked the stats on page loads and hits over the past week, I was pleased to see that my absence did not seem to adversely affect the number of folks reading the blog, at least not yet. Thanks to those who continue to check out and to return to Enclave.

It's great to be back and be back writing.

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