Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Danger, Will Robinson! Danger, Will Robinson! Chesney-Bots Set To Mass And To Overrun North Nashville!

Katie Couric has decided to bring her traveling Today road show--with Al Roker in tow--down here this week to our little corner of North Nashville. She's hosting Kenny Chesney and other country stars for an early morning concert at Bicentennial Mall on Thursday. Let's hope that all of the amplified bands won't be to Germantown what the Rolling Stones were to Hillsboro-West End a few years back (come to think of it, Pink Floyd at Vandy was pretty loud, too).

And what a mess traffic is going to be around 8th and Jeff Street. Channel 4 (WSMV) is asking people "to not camp, to not park and sleep in their cars, not to bring their mobile homes, and not to set up as if you are inhabiting the area." Mobile homes?! Inhabiting the area?! Looks like some of us in Germantown and Salemtown might wake up to find mobile homes double parked in front of our houses, since the state will not allow every fan of Katie and Al and Big and Rich coming from Buck Snort or Bell Buckle to "inhabit" the Mall grounds.

Oh, and the folks at Channel 4 are encouraging concert goers to go ahead and take all those Farmers Market parking spaces. So, if you plan on driving over for a morning produce run, forget about it, unless you are a Martina McBride groupie, then you're set.

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