Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Werthan "Industrial" Lofts Update

Today's City Paper has an article on the beginning of the final "Phase III" construction at Werthan Lofts.

Mark Deutschmann and Village Real Estate Services are doing their usual bang-up job on Werthan. If there is a more commendable and trustworthy business in Nashville than Village, I simply do not know them.

One of the reasons why Village is so high on my list is that it is a business with a community conscience. Financing for Werthan is an example. One of the funding sources for construction is the Nashville Housing Fund (NHF). NHF leverages a variety of public and private investments and grants "to build a local pool of funds that is flexible and self-sustaining in order to provide the financial resources necessary to help low and moderate income families and individuals become successful homeowners and to assist nonprofit and for-profit developers in increasing the supply of decent and affordable housing in Nashville."

That kind of financing fits with the economically diverse nature of our neighborhoods in North Nashville, and it makes the Werthan Lofts more deeply and profoundly valuable to us than the simple financial boon it might bring.

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