Thursday, May 05, 2005

Channel 2 Came Calling This Morning--Updated Again

Neil and Ken from WKRN came over bright and early today to Salemtown to do a story on Enclave and neighborhood blogging. It was a positive experience for yours truly. I hope other interested parties, "citizen journalists" or not, see the story and feel encouraged to join this particular niche of the blogosphere.

Neil tells me the story will run on the 4:00 news either today or tomorrow.

02/06/2005, Noon Update -- Neil says in the comments that it will run today at the 4:00 news hour to tie in with this weekend's Blog Nashville.

02/06/2005, 12:10 Update -- Neil sent an e-mail saying that the piece has been moved up to the "News 2 at 5" news hour telecast; it will run just after the weather portion. He said it might also run on the weekend morning show.


  1. Neil here, looks like the story will air on Monday. I'm shooting for the 4pm show. Thanks again Mike for setting aside some time for Ken and myself. Ken took some great pictures, it is now up to me to put some words to them.

  2. lATE bREAKING...story will actually run today (Friday). Management likes the tie in with blog Nashville. Neil