Sunday, May 15, 2005

Our Utilities Try Their Hand At Beautifying Salemtown

First, another NES hatchet job on what were once stately old trees:

Trees cut to pieces along Clay St. at the northern edge of Salemtown. Photograph by S-townMike. Posted by Hello
Not very many people live along Clay, so the Electric Service pruners knocked themselves out.

Second, Metro Water Services did make some effort to beautify the chain link fence that fronts the northeast border of Salemtown with roses:

Roses bushes planted at the Metro Water Services treatment plant. Photograph by S-townMike. Posted by Hello

Looking north along the Metro Water Services fence line. Photograph by S-townMike. Posted by Hello
Metro Water Services gets a higher grade than NES for effort, since growing something takes a lot more effort than tearing something else down. A few rose bushes are pleasing to the eye.

However, the Water Treatment folks are going to have to plant hundreds, perhaps thousands of bushes if they expect the roses' sweet scent to stanch the foul stench that residents in northeast Salemtown complain of some days.

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